A Perfect 10!

I have the honor to see Caylee compete at Swiss Turners in West Allis.  She is fantastic.  Caylee displays grace, poise, and artistry in movement and dance.  You are amazing Caylee.  Thank you for inviting me so I could witness this special event.  You definitely shine inside and outside the classroom.


Welcome all the new fifth graders. You may have met me or maybe you haven’t, but you will meet me this year. I used to man the blog, but now that I am in 6th grade, I can’t. Hopefully, all of you will love the blog as much as me, but even if you don’t please stop checking the blog!

Let It Begin!

Wow!  I am so impressed with the behavior and demeanor of my class.  I am blessed and honored to have such a fantastic group of kids.  I know we are going to do great things this year.  Today was a ‘get to know you’ day.  Tomorrow will be more academic and organizationally focused.  Take Care!